Letin is a rental and property management solution. It helps property owners manage their properties with an easy and intuitive interface. It also enables to advertise a property and find new tenants. Letin enables prospective tenants to find properties of interests advertised directly by the owners. Through Letin tenants (current and prospective) can keep track of their tenancies, payments, occupants, history (tenancies and payments) Letin is 100% free if you sign up now during our beta phase.


Techbraid EasyMobile is a solution for retail businesses and clubs to move into the mobile platform. We achieve this by building over our solution frameworks to quickly suit your needs. Such leveraging implies that your business will be mobile ready in a matter of weeks! Additionally, we offer the solution as a subscription model, (in-spite of being custom built for your business) which offsets all the associated costs, risks and uncertainty for you.

Symphony CCMS

Symphony is a Child Care Management System (CCMS). Featuring mobile based functionalities and real-time synchronisation with DSS, Symphony has an easy to use and intuitive interface. Entirely hosted solution with easy transition capability from existing providers.


Partner with us. If you have a custom requirement or are looking for an IT partner, please get in touch with us and we can work together to ensure your requirements translate into a quality product, on time and within budget.

About Us


Techbraid is an Australian company, based in Canberra. It comprises a team of passionate individuals with several years of deep expertise in IT. Individuals who've worked for some of the leading multi-national companies as well as startups for several years and with expertise in delivering mission critical solutions across various domains and technologies.


At Techbraid, we build great products that we're passionate about; Products which provide great value for our customers. We deeply care about our customer's user experience. Build solutions that are very smart and easy to use and hide the complexity underneath.


We deeply value the mutual relationship of trust shared by our customers and believe that openness in communication is critical to building trust and working together to realize a common goal.


Our design philosopy is not centered around 'Whats the easiest way technically', but instead around 'Whats the right way functionally'.



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