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Techbraid EasyMobile MyJewel is a complete solution for retail jewellers and boutiques with a focus on taking your business to the mobile platform. We achieve this by building over our solution frameworks to quickly suit your needs. Such leveraging implies that your business will be mobile ready in a matter of weeks! Additionally, we offer the solution as a subscription model, (in-spite of being custom built for your business) which offsets all the associated costs, risks and uncertainty for you

The suite comprises of the following:

1. iOS App – Custom built for your business (For use by your customers)
2. Android App – Custom built for your business (For use by your customers)
3. Staff Application (For use by your staff)


Mobile Apps – iOS and Android

We custom build Android and iOS applications for your business. This means the mobile apps reflect your branding and style. We leverage our existing framework for the backend Staff UI integration. This way the entire solution will be ready in a matter of weeks.

The mobile Apps can be used by your customers to:

  • Receive instant notifications about various news, events and promotions of your business.
  • Browse through your catalogue
  • Mark favourites/add to wishlist
  • Look up organization info and membership info
  • Place orders of your products

You can pick and choose the features that you require so that the mobile applications suit your business needs.


Staff UI

The staff UI is used by your staff for the following:

  • Manage mobile content and notifications
    • Create notifications for various news, events and promotions about your business
    • Manage your organization info
    • Manage your products and discounts
  • Manage your daily business activities
    • Store Management
    • Customer Management
    • Product Management
    • Order Management


Techbraid Advantage

  • Zero upfront cost – The entire solution is provided on a subscription basis i.e. you incur zero upfront charges and only a reasonable subscription charge going forward.
  • No hidden charges – All features enabled and you can cancel subscription at any time. No hidden clauses, asterisks and hash-tags.
  • Ready to use, built & customized for your business – Techbraid customizes the solution to your business needs, so you don’t have to worry about hosting, certificates, design, development, testing, maintenance etc; The solution is provided ready to use.
  • Ease of business – We deeply value the mutual relationship of trust shared by our customers. Techbraid aims to be a trusted technology partner for your business.
  • Trial for $1 – 3 months trial for just $1 per month. Custom built fully functional solution suite.


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