Symphony CCMS

Symphony is a child care management solution. The solution is integrated with Department of Social Services ( and is approved by the department.

The suite comprises of the following:

1. Symphony CCMS server (For use by Backoffice/Admin)
2. Symphony CCMS Mobile mobile app (Optional – For use by Child care staff)
3. Symphony roll manager mobile app (Optional – For use by parents; child drop-off or pick-up)
4. Symphony parent mobile App (Optional – For use by parents on their mobile)

Please note that all the optional products are provided for free at no extra cost.


Symphony CCMS server

The Symphony server is a completely web-based solution, Symphony_home_compactwhich is hosted on the cloud. The symphony server provides all the scenarios for everyday child care functions including all DSS interfaces – Child details, Enrolments, Attendances, Entitlement adjustments, IS-Cases etc; The web-based access implies that the solution can be accessed from any browser on any device. All interfaces with DSS are real-time, i.e. if you create an enrolment it immediately synchronizes with the DSS server and the enrolment is ready.

Automated daily backups.

The server is up to date with all regulation changes specified by DSS.

There is are no setup charges and we provide an easy transfer capability. That means, all your data is pulled down from the DSS server and you only might have to transfer very minimal data as applicable.

We do provide a sandbox for you to get a feel of the solution. Please do not hesitate to ask us for the sandbox trial.

Symphony CCMS Mobile app



The Symphony CCMS Mobile App is used by the child care staff to keep a log of the daily events corresponding to a child. For example, morning tea, afternoon lunch etc; All such entries reach the parent mobile app as notifications for real time information update about their child. This App can also be used to send reminders, photographs and information about events to the parents. Its a great tool to open a continuous real-time channel of communication with the parents.


Symphony roll manager Mobile App

Manages the daily sign-in and sign-out of children in child cares. Captures the digital signature of the parents during the sign-in and sign-out. Additionally, an instant mobile notification is sent out to the nominated parent/guardian of the child to ensure parents have real-time information about their children in and out times. The roll data is available in the CCMS Symphony server, which can then be used to track the child rolls and convert them to CCMS attendances for DSS. Both iOS and Android devices are supported.


Symphony parent Mobile App


Available for both IOS and Android, the parents app enables parents of the children to receive timely real-time information about their children. They are integrated with the Apple push notifications framework as well as the Google cloud messaging framework in order to enable parents receive information on their mobile devices. Techbraid brings the latest of the technological advancements to the child care industry.